Apply to Take Exam

Please carefully read the following before you apply for the exam:
  • Carefully read the Safety Program Examination Guide and familiarize yourself with the exam request and procedures.
  • You must contact the Invigilation Centre to make an appointment, confirm the time required, and discuss applicable fees.
  • If you do not live within 200 km of an Approved Invigilator, you may propose a new invigilator; however, your request must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to your intended exam write date.
  • CTCMA Safety Program Examinations are only available to applicants who are CTCMA registrants (including student registrants) and exam candidates.
  • Only credit card payments or money order made payable to CTCMA are accepted. No refund or exchange.
  • Duplication or sharing content of assessments to others in any manner is strictly prohibited.

I declare that I have read the above and all the information provided above are true, complete, and correct.

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